How To Choose The Online Slot That Best Suits Your Needs

The universe of online slots is so vast and varied that a novice player may find it more difficult to find the one that’s right for him. The starting point is to rely solely and exclusively on safe online casinos , but if this eventually restricts the field of “containers”, it does not restrict that of “content”.

Play at AAMS online casinos

We have already mentioned it, but we cannot help starting our slots advice from this fundamental concept: safe online casinos are only those recognized by ADM (Customs and Monopoly Agency, formerly known as AAMS, Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) . They are controlled environments, which follow strict regulations and which protect the customer at 360 degrees. Avoid getting into trouble by relying on unlicensed gambling halls.

Don’t rush

Opening a random online slot machine and throwing yourself headlong into the reels and paylines is certainly not the best way to approach this world. Also because you have an ally at your disposal, namely the possibility of playing free slots online. All the best online casinos , in fact, offer their users the free version of slots, where they can practice without investing even a cent.

This allows you to explore all the various types of online slots and get a precise idea of ​​how they work, how to play best, implementing all possible and imaginable strategies and tricks, but avoiding any kind of initial economic investment.

Only when you feel ready to take the plunge can you start playing online slots for real money, but by then you will have a clear idea of ​​which games are right for you.

Go by themes

There are so many online slot machines that listing them all is virtually impossible. But if you are looking for the online slot that suits you, you can proceed by themes . This allows you to exclude all those games that are unlikely to be for you.

There are many types of slot machines, in addition to the aforementioned animal slots: star slots, fruit slots, movie slots, awesome slots and much more.

Try the slots by taking advantage of the bonuses

Okay, let’s say you’ve tried online slots and found some to your liking. You enjoy playing it, and you are thinking of taking that extra step and trying to do it for real money. Often, online casinos offer promotions that allow you to play online slots via bonuses , giving away free spins.

This is a good way to play free online casinos and experience real money play without having to top up your account. Like all casino bonuses, slots free spins are also subject to so-called wagering requirements .

Online slots with progressive jackpots

The online slots with progressive jackpot deserve a separate mention , among the most coveted and appreciated in online casinos.

The jackpot slot works just like any other slot, but with something more: a part of the bets placed by the player ends up in a global and shared prize pool, which is unlocked by obtaining particular combinations.

Usually, in order to compete for the progressive jackpot, you need to make the maximum bet available, but this allows you to compete for the win of a prize that can often amount to several thousand euros.

How many reels and how many paylines?

Although the mechanics of online slot machines are the same for everyone (insert credits, push the spin button and wait for the outcome), there are some features that can also differ substantially.

Not so much in the number of rollers , which usually are either 3 or 5 , as in so-called pay lines or payline . There are slots that have a few paylines, and slots that have dozens of them. The first is a simpler type of game, the second a bit more complex but fun and potentially rewarding.

Reputation and popularity

One last piece of advice we can give you is that before choosing a slot (like any other casino game), it is always worthwhile not only reading how they work, but also checking their reputation . Especially if you are a novice player.

Now you just have to start your adventure in the boundless world of slot machines: we are sure that you will find more than one that is right for you!

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