Political Parities in India : Formation, Superintendence, Electoral Alliances and Coalition

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Political Parities in India : Formation, Superintendence, Electoral Alliances and Coalition


Anna Hazare’s movement in India during 2010-11 has brought out an awakening among the people, thus creating ripples in Indian politics. Therefore, there is a need for the intelligentsia to know the performance of political parties, the electoral system, the working of political alliances, governance through coalition and the impact of Anna Hazare’s movement on Indian politics.
This book, Political Parties in India: Formation, Superintendence, Alliances and Coalition, studies the formation, their superintendence, surveys the historical background, ideologies, the process of elections, and development of political parties who have braved through successive general and state elections in independent India. They are classified into National Parties, State Parties, and Unrecognized Parties. The book covers all those parties which have presence in Parliament. A chapter on Emergence and Pangs of Coalitions traces the reasons that led to the growth of coalitions at the Central and State levels and studies their parameters. A separate chapter on the “Triumph of Indian Democracy” studies the new scenario which has emerged due to the historic movement.
The book should be of interest to the students and teachers of political science, political scientists, political parties and general readers who wish to know about the current political scenario in India.


Mr M.L. Ahuja, MA, DLL, DCS, is the author of more than 30 books. He is the recipient of Janseva Sadbhavna Award (2006), Bharat Gaurav Award (2007) and Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Samman (2009). He had been the Area Representative of International Association of Orientalist Librarians for three years, and is Executive Secretary of Afro-Asian Book Council. He is associated with Publishing Industry in India since 1959, has traveled extensively both within and outside India, and has presented papers at several national and international seminars.


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